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JMSR Pathogens” or “Journal of Medical and Surgical Research in Pathogens» is the Virtual Collection of Journal of Medical and Surgical Research dedicated to all published papers related to pathogens and pathogen-host interactions. Editorial priority is given to tuberculosis and hydatidosis but, “JMSR Pathogens” is open to all clinical, biological and molecular aspects of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, parasites, prions and viruses and protozoa that infect humans with no restrictions.

Isolated Pancreatic Tuberculosis
Badreddine Alami, Meryem Boubbou, Youssef Alaoui Mrani, Mustapha Maaroufi
Pages: 505-505
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Oral Localization of Tuberculosis : Case Report and Literature Review
Ossama Nabih, Simohamed Bouzoubaa, Ihsane Benyahya
Pages: 373-376
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Management of Tuberculosis: What Have Changed?
Prof. JE Bourkadi
Pages: 139-139
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Pulmonary Tuberculosis Sequelae: Spectrum of Radiologic Findings and Review of Literature
Badreddine Alami, Youssef Alaoui Lamrani, Taoufik Amraoui, Meryem Boubbou, Mustapha Maaroufi
Pages: 144-153
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Acute Purulent Tuberculosis Pericarditis with Cardiac Tamponade: a Case Report.
Z. Lakhal, FZ. Benaich, N. Mouine, J. K Zbir
Pages: 157-160
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Systemic Tuberculosis Revealed by Ophthalmic Manifestations
F. Alami, S. El Merrouni, M. Oudbib, E. Abdellah, A. Berraho
Pages: 161-162
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The History of Tuberculosis in Morocco
Chaymae Ben Yakhlef,Maryam Fourtassi,Ghita Hjiej,Abderrazak Hajjioui
Pages: 171-173
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Greater Trochanter Tuberculosis : MRI Findings
My Youssef Alaoui Lamrani, Badreddine Alami, Hassan El Fattach, Meriem Boubbou, Said Boujraf, Mustapha Maaroufi
Pages: 256-257
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Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex by Real-time PCR in Pericardial Fluid at Ibn Rochd University Hospital – Casablanca: A case report
Fakhreddine Maaloum, Yamna Lanouari, Khalid katfy, Othman Diraa, Idrissa Diawara, Khalid Zerouali
Pages: 707-710
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Mediastinum Lymph Node Hydatidosis
Yassine Ouadnouni, Marouane Lakranbi, Mohamed Smahi
Pages: 28-28
doi: 10.46327/msrjg.1.000000000000009
doi url
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Radical Surgery for Liver Hydatid Cyst
Hadj Omar El Malki, Amine Souadka, Badr Serji, Amine Benkabbou, Raouf Mohsine, Lahsen Ifrine, Abdelkader Belkouchi
Pages: 30-36
doi: 10.46327/msrjg.1.000000000000011
doi url:
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The Results of Conservative Approaches for Pulmonary Hydatid Cysts.
Fouad Atoini, Aziz Ouarssani, Mounia Serraj, Yassine Ouadnouni, Mohammed Smahi.
Pages: 410-416
doi: 10.46327/msrjg.1.000000000000098
doi URL:
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Long-Term Results of Percutaneous Management of Liver Hydatid Cysts: – Experience of a University Hospital in Endemic Region
Younes Cherradi, Rajaa Afifi, Wafaa Khannoussi, Mohammed Firwana,Anass Rahaoui,Mustapha Benazzouz
Pages: 275-281
doi: 10.46327/msrjg.1.000000000000077
doi URL:
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Percutaneous Cyst Drainage as a Bridge to Surgery for Hydatid Intestinal Obstruction
Jaiteh L, Benkabbou A, Hama Y, Hachim H, Souadka A, El-Malki H. O, Chefchaouni M, Ifrine L, Belkouchi A
Pages: 530-534
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Portal Cavernoma Complicating a Persistent Postoperative Bile Leak after Liver Hydatid Cyst Surgery: -a Report Case-
Mohamed Bouzroud, Ait idir badr, Felicitas Strehlow, Amine Benkabbou
Pages: 642-644
DOI: 10.46327/msrjg.1.000000000000145
doi url:
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Surgical and Endoscopic Management of Bilio-Bronchial Fistula Secondary to Ruptured Hydatid Cysts of the Liver: -Experience of a Moroccan Center-
M. Lakranbi, M. Raouti, F. Lamouime, H. Harmouchi, R. Sani, C. Abbou, F. Ammor, L. Belliraj, Y. Ouadnouni, M. Smahi
Pages: 807-814
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Clinical and Mycological Features of Scalp Ringworm in Children’s Hospital in Rabat
H.Tligui, S. El Ftouh, L. Zougaghi, W. Oudaina, A. Agoumi
Pages: 635-637
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Epidemioclinical and Mycological Patterns of Pityriasis versicolor in the Urban Area
H.Tligui, S. El Ftouh, W. Oudaina
Pages: 702-704
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Fungal Keratitis: a Study from a Moroccan Center
Kawtar Belkhadir, Maryam Elikhloufi, Ihsane Sabrane, Abdellah Amazouzi, Ouafaa Cherkaoui
Pages: 570-575
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Human herpesvirus 6 (HHV- 6) associated post-transplant acute limbic encephalitis: A Case Report
N. Alami Drideb, C. Pautas, A. Toma, S. Maury, C. Cordonier
Pages: 101-102
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Response to Pegylated Interferon in Hepatitis B patients with HBe Ag-Negative: Long-Term Results and Predictors of Sustained-Off Virological Response
Younes Cherradi, Mustapha Benazzouz, Hanaa Benbrahim, Abdellah Essaid, Rajaa Afifi
Pages: 417-421
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Hepatocellular Carcinoma Screening Is Indicated Even After Sustained Virological Response: -Moroccan University Hospital Experience-
Y.Cherradi, R. Afifi, H. Benbrahim, O. H. El Malki, M. Benazzouz, A. Essaid
Pages: 223-228
DOI: 10.46327/msrjg.1.000000000000064
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Antiviral Immune Responses: an Overview
Assiya El Kettani, Leila Jeddane, Naima Amenzoui, Ahmed Aziz Bousfiha
Pages: 520-527
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Human Papillomavirus and Oral Cancer: Systematic Review
Bouzoubaa Sidi Mohammed, O. Medaghri Alaoui, HS Najeh, I. Benyahya
Pages: 599-610
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