The Medical & Surgical Research Journals Group
  1. All advertisements and commercially sponsored productions are totally independent from the editorial decisions. The journal’s Editorial policies are not compromised by sponsoring, commercial or financial interests and are totally independent of current or potential sponsors and marketing decisions. The results of searches that a reader or an author may conduct on the journal’s website (using keyword or search topic) are not controlled or influenced by advertisers and sponsors. The journal’s Editorial Board will ensure that advertisements and editorial content are clearly distinguishable.
  2. The MSRJGroup reserves the right to decline all advertisements that are damaging to the journals advertising policies or are not appropriate to the journals’ content.
  3. Advertising for all products or services known to be harmful or with established side effects on health (e.g. tobacco and alcohol…) is not authorized.
  4. Exaggerated, indecent & offensive advertisements (in either text or artwork) are not accepted. Also advertisements relating to content of a racial or ethnic discrimination, a sexual orientation, or religious nature are rejected.
  5. After being deployed in the journal’s website, advertisement will be withdrawn at any time if the journal’s Editor-in-Chief or the Publisher judge that removal is indicated.
  6. All advertisements for drug-specific campaigns must respect and adhere to the relevant national legislation in the field. When submitting their request for advertisement, advertisers and sponsors should send a copy of the authorization for product marketing and the summary of product characteristics to the Editor-in-Chief. For drug advertisements, the full generic name of each active ingredient should be clearly stated. Drug specific campaigns should encourage correct and rational use.
  7. If any advertisement is not meeting the MSRJGroup standard advertising policies, a request should be made to the Editorial team who will respond with a decision within ten working days.

             Please send any advertisement request, complaints or queries about advertising to: